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  • Magnetic Weather Stripping Door Window

    Contact NowMagnetic Weather Stripping Door WindowProduct name: adhesive magnetic   sealing Material : two main new raw material :ferrite powder and CPE Magnetic flux density (Gauss):500Read More

  • Magnetic Door Seal Replacement For Kerfed

    Contact NowMagnetic Door Seal Replacement For KerfedThe magnetic door sealing strip is a sealed plastic strip with high temperature and corrosion resistance which is composed of modified non-toxic PVC and permanent magnetic strips. It is widely used in refrigerator, freezer, red wine cabinet, moistureproof cabinet, water dispenser, disinfectant...Read More

  • Magnetic Tape with Strong Self Adhesive - Perfect Magnetic Roll

    Contact NowMagnetic Tape with Strong Self Adhesive - Perfect Magnetic Roll1.Adhesive series magnetic sealing 2.Product: introduction of the adhesive series magnetic sealing Pykna adhesive series magnetic sealing mainly have ferrite powder and CPE this two kinds of raw material,all material is new,notuse recycle material so that can never lose power under improper...Read More

  • Door Jamb Weatherstrip

    Contact NowDoor Jamb WeatherstripDifferences in traditional PU foam sealing strip and sealing strip is as follows; 1) the use of advanced thermoplastic rubber Santoprene ® (TPE) or nitrile butadiene rubber and chlorosulfonated polyethylene composite with; 2) characteristics of ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet optical...Read More

  • Screen Window Magnetic Stripe

    Contact NowScreen Window Magnetic StripeThe application effect of screen window magnetic stripe in the market. In many cities and industrial houses, invisible screen window magnetic strip manufacturers, screen window is a modern living and production space necessary materials equipment. And many of the current window screens are...Read More

  • Magnetic Door Weatherstripping

    Contact NowMagnetic Door WeatherstrippingIt is recommended that the sealing tape plays an important role in the waterproof, sealing and energy saving in the doors and Windows of plastic steel doors and Windows and doors and Windows, and the sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warmth. It must have strong tensile strength, good...Read More

  • Sealing and Door Magnetic Stripping

    Contact NowSealing and Door Magnetic Stripping1.flexible insert magnetic stripe 2.product introduction of the flexible insertion magnetic stripe Pykna flexible insertion magnetic stripeRead More

  • Magnetic Weather Stripping

    Contact NowMagnetic Weather Strippingnew material , Powerful magnets, permanant magnetic force, flexible, durable, self adhesiveRead More

  • Flexible Magnetic Strip

    Contact NowFlexible Magnetic StripMagnetic strip roll holds a very powerful magnet and the adhesive backing with a firm grip on the surface applying the magnetic linearRead More

  • Magnetic Exterior Door Seal

    Contact NowMagnetic Exterior Door SealThe installation method of strong back adhesive sealing strip is as follows: 1. Remove stains, dust and oil stains from the door frame with neutral detergent. 2, choose good paste position, the starting point for paste after will tear protective film to stick at the end of the sealing strip in...Read More