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brush draught excluder

  • Brush Weather Stripping

    Contact NowBrush Weather StrippingThe key of doors and Windows is sealed. And the sealing effect, the tape plays a key role. Sealing strip in the building Windows and doors must have enough tensile strength, good flexibility, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, cross section structure size to be scientific and...Read More

  • Silding Window Brush Seals

    Contact NowSilding Window Brush SealsU lines refer to the lines made from PU synthetic materials.PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, which is called Polyurethane for short.Only simple modification of the formula can obtain different density, elasticity, rigidity and other physical properties. The main use of pu sealant is civil...Read More

  • Sliding Window And Door Brush Seals

    Contact NowSliding Window And Door Brush SealsFeature 1.New material Filled with high resilience polyurethane (PU), wrapped polyethylene (PE) has good resilience, easy compression deformation, high durability, long life 2. Sound insulation is good The good resilience of the product makes the contact surface more durable and sealed, which...Read More

  • Waterproof Insertion Window Weather Brush

    Contact NowWaterproof Insertion Window Weather Brushwindow weather brush Pykna water-proof insert window weather brush’s material with special water-proof oil to make the wool pile water proofing Most use in outside or will access to little water place.Read More

  • Adhesive Series Strong Stick for Door and Furniture Action in Soundproof Dustproof and Windproof Sealing Brush Pile Weather Strpping

    Contact NowAdhesive Series Strong Stick for Door and Furniture Action in Soundproof Dustproof and Windproof Sealing Brush Pile Weather Strpping1.Adhesive weather seal 2.product introduction of the adhesive weather seal Pykna adhesive weather seal have glue in base and easy use to stick into profiles, can home DIY use.mostly use in profile without rabbet, like sliding door. Normal have hot-melting and 3M two kind of glue. 3. Self...Read More

  • Non-woven Fabric Finned Window Weather Brush

    Contact NowNon-woven Fabric Finned Window Weather BrushNon-woven fabric finned window weather brush PYKNA non-woven fabric finned series window weather brush will be more reducing noise when open-and-close the window, and function well in sound-proof, windproofRead More

  • Self Adhesive Brush Seal

    Contact NowSelf Adhesive Brush SealPolyurethane PU foam seal relative to the advantages of traditional seals 1, saving mold costs: Direct dispensing on the surface of the product, without considering the size of the product specifications and so on; 2, save energy: can be carried out at room temperature, chemical reactions...Read More