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Wooden Door Seals Are Divided Into Slot Type Wooden Door Sealing Strip And Paste Is Two Kinds
Mar 24, 2018

Wooden door seals are divided into slot type wooden door sealing strip and paste is two kinds: 1. The paste type sealing strip is in the back of the sealing strip will attach a double-sided adhesive layer, the best quality on the market have longer service life is 3 m, now there are many fake and inferior products confusion which it requires the user to distinguish carefully, general embellishment wooden door sealing strip is stick on the wooden door and door frame contact place, have the effect of sealing and buffer; 2. The slot type wooden door sealing strip used mostly in the bottom of the door or other places with similar demands, is mostly used in the bottom of the door, on the sealing surface of the back, will have corresponding to the wooden door slot "a little pine tree" that is inserted into the wooden door sealing strip is needed the inside of the gate slot, the use of this wooden door sealing strip, xu measure how much the gap gate slot, choose corresponding sealing strip.