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Wooden Door Sealing Strip (self-adhesive Type)
Nov 24, 2017

Wooden door sealing strip plays a key role in doors, doors, sliding doors and other doors and windows. The most obvious is the shock proof, after the door line installed it, to reduce (or even disappear) the door (window) collision sound, to the edge of the door to play a protective role, and extend the door's life, reduce noise. Secondly, the sealing, shock absorption, isolation of indoor and outdoor air, effectively play a role of insulation, energy saving, and will prevent mosquitoes and other small insects into the room. Has been widely used in families, hotels, hospitals, business buildings, clean Engineering, large shopping malls and other fields.

Wooden door sealing strip (self-adhesive type)

Can customize different shapes, color sealing strip, welcome new and old customers to map or sample.

Main functions: insect proof, windproof, light proof, anti-collision, sound insulation, smoke isolation and waterproof

Product features:

1.LEADER brand self-adhesive seal doors with three EPDM rubber (EPDM) foam, created its excellent 2.characteristics.

3.Excellent weather resistance and aging resistance

4.Ozone resistance and chemical corrosion resistance

5.Flexible foaming sealing strip

6.Excellent cold resistance and heat resistance (-50 ~+170 C)

7.Super elasticity, 200% stretch

8.Cheap and fine

Product material:

1, the use of high-quality three yuan ethylene propylene rubber, foaming process.

2, the back uses double sided adhesive tape, and the interlayer is grid glass fiber.

Scope of application and installation method:

1. suitable for all kinds of doors, windows and so on.

2. installation method: with double-sided adhesive, paste directly (paste surface must be smooth, clean, smooth, dry).

Schematic diagram of installation of some products:



Schematic diagram of installation of door self-adhesive sealing strip

(P, E, D, V)

Schematic diagram of installation of inclined window self adhered sealing strip

(P, E, D, V)


Brown D (self-adhesive) sealing strip

Slotted DT type sealing strip


Disc type P (self-adhesive) sealing strip

Color P (self-adhesive) sealing strip

Can customize different shapes, color sealing strip, welcome new and old customers to map or sample.

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