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Windows Sealing Strip Installation Considerations
Jun 19, 2017

1, before the installation of Glass to carefully clear the groove of debris, such as mortar, brick crumbs, wood, etc., glass should be carefully placed when the middle, to ensure that both sides of the gap evenly, and in a timely manner fixed, to prevent collision shift, deviation from the center of the groove. 

2, the sealing bar cannot pull too tightly, the material length is longer than the assembly length 2o-3omm. Installation should be inlaid in place, the surface is straight, and glass, glass groove close contact, so that the glass around the force evenly. At the corner of the rubber strip should be inclined to disconnect, and in the fracture place glue bonding firmly. 

3, with sealant to fill the fixed glass, you should first use the rubber or rubber block to squeeze the glass, leaving out the glue gap, injection depth should not be less than 5mm, before the glue curing, should keep the glass from vibration.

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