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Window Seal Selection Tips
Mar 23, 2018

Window seal selection tips.

1. Smell the odor with your nose. The normal PVC material will have a little bit of son's alcohol, which is barely audible.

2. Wrap the seal tightly around the profile and place it for a period of time (on the roof or in sunny places) at high temperature. See whether the contact surface of the profile and seal strip is stained and discoloured, and whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip is yellow (the oil is easy to absorb dirt), and whether it is contaminated with hands.

3. Some of the cheaper sealing strip fillers will be plentiful, so the surface will not be bright, and those that are cheap will not be bright.

Look at the proportion, how many meters per kilogram. There are a lot of manufacturers, in the use of filler has great checkers, for larger output, a bit (province electricity) using talcum powder, coarse whiting do such things as filler, greatly increased the proportion of sealing products, (our users are more commonly kg is favorable, according to the length of the use of) that virtually increased the cost instead do more harm than good. Add a heavy calcium seal, stretch back and forth with your hands several times, and a small amount of white powder will appear on the surface.

How is the window seal installed?

Article 1, glass mat and seam allowance strip (window frame and window sash) according to strip will be after the clear Angle welding right surface along the direction of the strip with special roll wheel a little hard to profile slot in advance, at the same time will strip head to press until embedded profiles within the slot. Because the strip is elastomer, after rolling, may appear retraction, the correct method is: when the strip installation ends to the outlet, will strip both ends to bounce back a bit, and leave 2-3 cm shrinkage allowance, then cut embedded within the slot.

2. Glass bead: press the adhesive tape into the groove by hand in the correct way, then press the adhesive strip to the surface, and press the tape into the gap between the glass and the section. The tape of the two ends is retracted in the middle, allowing 1-2 cm length to be cut and pressed into the slot.