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Why Do You Want To Install On The Door Anti-collision Bar?
Mar 21, 2018

Why do you want to install on the door anti-collision bar?

Many people blindly pursue the overall effect is beautiful, not install anti-collision on the door. Especially for the sliding door of the plastic material, its quality is light stability is bad, if not installed collision avoidance collision will easily happen, it is easy to slip out of orbit.

Install anti-collision security at home

Article anti-collision are small, but is cannot be underestimated, if the sliding door is not installed anti-collision, gently touch crumbling very dangerous. For families with children and the elderly in the home, if carelessly bumped into the more dangerous, ill-advised to endanger the safety of his family.

What kind of door must install the anti-collision bar?

For the size of the sliding door, installation root collision avoidance is necessary thing. Because the meaning of article anti-collision itself exists is to protect the glass in the framework of the sliding door, remember not to neglect this matter. For wooden sliding door, the installation process must be under the orbit embedded into the floor.

What time to install the sliding door?

Sliding door installation belongs to late projects, if forget when installing door installation, so be sure to rework in time, otherwise the installation cost is also no one would like to see.