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Why Aluminum Windows And Doors Closed Lax
Feb 23, 2018

Many people's windows and doors in the use of a period of time, there will be some problems, such as lack of windows and doors will be leaks and other phenomena. This makes us feel troubled, what is the reason, leading to aluminum windows and doors off lax it? When the case of aluminum alloy doors and windows off lax, how should we solve it? With Hohhot decoration network below to understand it!


 why Aluminum windows and doors closed lax

1. Doors open and close the block

If we block or drag when we turn it on or off, it takes more effort to switch, usually because of several factors:

a. The door / window frame or fan has been deformed and the seal has loosened or dropped.

b. hardware accessories have been damaged.

c. The installation is of poor quality, exceeding allowable deviations, and it is not adjusted in a timely manner.