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What Kind Of Technology Does EPDM Seal Have
Jun 19, 2017

In the sealing strip, there is also a phenomenon of vulcanization, and such a EPDM seal often in use, can play a very good sealing performance, the reason that it is good sealing performance, is in the whole process, the use of an integrated vulcanization process, that is, it is used, often is its use, the end to the length of the truncation, but also to carry out vulcanization, the final can make it to achieve a very good combination. And then there is the coherent vulcanization, which is perfected throughout the use of the sealing strip, and in the whole process of vulcanization, can be divided into several different vulcanization methods, such as salt bath, hot air and so on, but relatively speaking, this time in use, we must achieve professional skills, only friends have such, to get better results, such as microwave method, we must achieve professional technology.