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What Is The Use Of Windows And Doors For Wind And Rain Bars?
Jul 21, 2018

     Enhance the skid resistance at the bottom of rubber shoes: cut the doors and windows into the blocks, stick to the bottom of rubber shoes or rubber boots, especially the heel, and avoid slipping. 

Stationary household appliances: at the bottom of household appliances, such as the bottom of the telephone, a small piece of doors and windows can be prevented from slipping. Package tool handle: some household tools, such as hammers, axe heads, wrenches, etc., are wrapped in a few doors and windows at the handle of the handle, which can protect the handle, and the grip will be more comfortable and easier to hold. 

Repair function: the rubber gasket at the edge of the car door and the trunk of the car is sunken and filled with windows and doors to protect the wind. If the weather strip is broken, it can also be repaired with small pieces of doors and windows to prevent wind and rain from blowing into the car.

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