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What Is A Siliconized Door And Window Seal Top?
May 23, 2018

Door and window sealing tops have anti-theft function and noise reduction function, which can eliminate the height difference of the sash. The window sash does not fall off and is not arbitrarily disassembled. It can play a good anti-theft function if your home is in the downtown roadside, under the bridge of motor vehicle noise, The shouting sound can be reduced by 50%-80%, away from noise pollution.

    So what is a siliconized door and window seal top? Is it also a kind of seal top? What are the advantages of using it?

    Silicone door and window sealing tops are actually high-grade door and window sealing tops that are processed by processing silicone oil on the basis of ordinary sealing tops.

    First of all, siliconized door and window sealing tops are more effective than ordinary door and window sealing tops. The water-repellent effect can be more pronounced. Drops of water can slide directly from the siliceous roof and window tops and can no longer penetrate into the doors and windows. The service life is also longer than normal. The tops are longer.

    Followed by siliceous doors and windows sealed tops fluff will be more hairy scratches, the substrate is neat and tidy, not easy to downcast, durable, non-absorbent, dust, wind, can be used in the general requirements of sliding doors and windows. Compared with ordinary non-siliconized door and window sealing tops, although the price is relatively high, but the high is good value for money, ordinary tops Prons without silicone oil, easy to absorb water, easy to lodging after absorbing, its anti- Dust and windproof effects are poor and do not meet the JC/T635-l996 standard. The original siliconized doors and windows sealed tops have so many advantages!

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