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What Are The Treatment Requirements For The Base Of The Housing Sealing Material On The Waterproof Sealing Parts
Jun 19, 2017

The sealing material of the house is suitable for the sealing treatment of the rigid waterproof roofing and the detail structure of gutter, eaves ditch, water and deformation seam. Today we would like to introduce to you, the housing sealing material for the waterproof sealing parts of the grassroots have what treatment requirements: (1) The grass-roots should be firm, the surface should be flat up, dense, no honeycomb, pock, peeling and sand phenomenon. If the basic strength of the contact sealing material is not enough, or there is honeycomb, pock, peeling and sanding, the bonding strength of the sealing material and the base layer will be reduced. Grass-roots uneven, not dense or embedded sealing material uneven, joint displacement will cause the sealing material local pull bad, loss of sealing waterproof role. (2) The base of the embedded sealing material should be clean and dry.