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What Are The Classification Of Door And Window Seals
May 14, 2018

What are the classification of door and window seals.

It is recommended that the sealing tape plays an important role in the waterproof, sealing and energy saving in the doors and Windows of plastic steel doors and Windows and doors and Windows, and the sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warmth. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and good temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the fastening of the strip and profile, the section structure size of the strip must be matched with the molding steel door and window section. The installation part of the wool bar is generally on the window (door) fan, the four sides of the frame fan or the sealing bridge (the wind block), the seal between the frame and the fan. The specification of wool bar is an important factor affecting sliding door window and watertight performance. Specifications, From baidu encyclopedia entry: door and window seal.

Silicone rubber sealing strip is one of our days in common to the parts and components, in some special mechanical equipment on the quality of the sealing strip is also has a more strict request, therefore the acquisition time about some special target is also the demand more and more attention. 1. Tear strength: the tear strength of the rubber seal is a very important target.