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Weather Strip
Jul 21, 2018

   The extruded portion in the upper side portion of the weather strip is provided with a main sealing member, an auxiliary sealing member, and a connecting portion. 


The main sealing member has a substantially flat plate-shaped first mating base portion fixed to the first holder of the door frame, and a hollow sealing portion integrally formed with the first mating base portion. The auxiliary sealing member has a second flat base portion that is substantially flat plate shaped for the second holder, and a sealing lip. 

The sealing lip, the connecting portion and the hollow sealing portion are continuously formed using an EPDM sponge rubber integrally molded. 

The larger portion of the second mating base portion and the intermediate portion of the first mating base portion are formed from EPDM solid rubber. Therefore, the difference in the expansion ratio hardly occurs, and the bending is restricted from being generated.

weather strip

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