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Weather Streip Doors And Windows
Mar 21, 2018

Doors and Windows because of the need to open, compared with the wall is thin, with opening part of the reason such as the seal formed the whole sound insulation bottlenecks. Sealing refers to the degree of seal doors and Windows, including the sealing glass and frame. Windows and doors at the same time in order to convenient switch will leave a gap to make the switch, then there is a gap, they affect the seal performance of the window. To the window seal degree is the sealing strip

The sealing strip on market has two kinds, one kind is woollen sealing strip, the other is a rubber sealing strip. Hebei chey rubber to remind consumers wool seals and rubber sealing strip has faults, wool after sealing strip with long hair removal, greatly reduces the sealing effect; After the wind and rubber

Sun after the rain is easy to harden ageing, also reduce the sealing effect. Now appeared on the market a sealing strip, it completely changed the advent of the current international single existing disadvantages of all kinds of doors and Windows sealing strip, I - ECO coated type sealing strip, it is made of high resilience PU (polyurethane) foam material, cover PE (polyethylene) film, < with PP (polypropylene) support the skeleton >; High resilience PU foam material with ultra high resilience, compression deformation under less than 10%, effectively guarantee the Windows long-term sealing; Outsourcing by PE film greatly prolong the service life of the product, rich color choices made look gorgeous novel; PP support frame product installation fixed, effectively prevent the contract product. Non-toxic environmental protection, noise, long service life, heat preservation and heat insulation, 20 years - 40 ℃ to 90 ℃ of ultra wide environment using range, through the fatigue test of 500000 times, product excellent physical properties in the process of long-term use, keep the doors and Windows sealed performance, to cater to the new era of green health topics.