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Weather Stipping For Doors
May 03, 2018

1. Good sealing performance of silica gel material, high temperature resistance, smooth surface.

2. Self-adhesive tape. Environmental protection, good insulation, high temperature, small compression, resilient, non-toxic.

3. The foamed silicone rubber foam is even. Environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, no air bubbles, no porosity. Insulation, environmental protection, high temperature and low temperature, good resistance to acid and alkali, aging, good resistance to ultraviolet rays.

4. The surface is especially smooth and uniform.

5. Good surface adhesion. The air permeability is also very good.

6. Adopt 100% high-quality silica gel raw materials and pass strict inspection, and the environmental protection standards are qualified.

7. High temperature: -70 degrees -300 degrees.

8. Silicone rubber has a good heat resistance compared to other rubber and can be used for a long time at 150 degrees without any performance change; Can be used for 1000000 hours at 200 degrees; It can be used at 350 degrees.

9. Weather resistance: ordinary rubber is rapidly degraded by ozone generated by corona discharge, and silicone rubber is not affected by ozone. The physical properties of long time under uv and other climatic conditions have hardly changed.

10. Anti-aging, very good corrosion resistance, silica gel itself has very good inertia.