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Types Of Sealing Strips For Windows And Doors
Apr 13, 2018

Doors and windows with sealing strips generally have two kinds, one is the installation of Glass seal is U-type, K-type seal, in order to keep it with the glass, increase contact area, rain water people, this kind of sealing strip is often designed to serrated. Another kind of box for the use of the sealing strip, usually hollow sealing strip that is 0 type seal. A tight seal, usually a nylon top, used to push and pull a window.

Sealed top has silicon and non-silica top, silica top is made of polypropylene fiber through silicone oil processing, has significantly changed its waterproof performance, at the same time its flexibility, anti-aging properties have been significantly improved. And without the silicon treatment of the tops, the water will stick to a group of lost sealing performance.

There is an ideal sealing top, it is in the middle of a layer of polyethylene film or silicone Non-woven to isolate the gap between the air flow, its sealing performance is much higher than the general tops, but because of its slightly higher prices, door and window manufacturers are not selected. Top in the door and window material costs accounted for a very low proportion, reducing the very limited cost, sacrificing the quality of the product and the credibility of the enterprise is not worth the candle.