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There Are Many Varieties Of Sealing Strips
Feb 21, 2018

There are many varieties of sealing strips, different sealing strips are not suitable for the same range, so in the selection of the type of sealing strips, must be with their own doors and windows, so as to make windows and doors more stringent. When buying seal should pay attention to choose non-toxic and tasteless seal of the environment.

  1. Tops are generally installed in the door and window fan and frame fan around the surface of the good quality of the straight surface is not curved, vertical hair smooth, lint-free. Seal specifications to match, too small to easily seal strip off, will affect the tightness of glass and fan. Too large assembly difficulties, but also make window and door movement resistance becomes larger, causing inconvenience.

  2. There are special sealant slots on the windows, doors, and pressure strips. When installing the sealing strips, the clearances on the slots should be carefully removed to ensure a uniform gap on both sides. The mounting section must be smooth, not stretchable and not curled. The joints should be less than 1MM .

  3. Door and window, box fan installation seal, the strip with a dedicated roller in the correct orientation slowly push the notch, while the strip squeezed down, so that it embedded in the notch. In order to prevent the elastic strip caused by rolling retraction, pay attention to the installation, the first two ends of the strip to the middle of some retraction, leaving the length of the cut and then cut into the slot.

  4. Doing the windows and doors, how to install the seal? You can buy the kind of direct sticky tops, doors and windows in the vicinity of the angle with the tool shovel on both sides of the top of the small groove cut 1CM or so small mouth, you can see a groove, directly into it, so the operation is a little more troublesome.