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The Structure Of Covered Seals
Mar 03, 2018

The structure of covered seals.

Sealing strip cladding type composed of four germplasm to excellent material composite products, sealing strip cladding type outer package a PE film, for sealing strip cladding type provides the most basic quality assurance, and elegant appearance, excellent partner is modern household doors and Windows; Thermosetting core, the main components in PU, also is the main material coated type sealing strip, with super plasticity, the inside of the PP frame as well as the perfect combination of plastic and rubber TPU barb barb design and classification of German imports of double-sided tape applied to further improve the sealing strip cladding type.

Folding edit this section of the encapsulated seal classification.

The encapsulated seal is divided into self-adhesive and groove type, which is used in different doors and Windows, and is convenient and feasible in operation and installation.

Folding edit the feature of this section enveloping seal.

Sealing strip cladding type in ageing resistance, fatigue resistance, compression deformation test, compression test, thermal conductivity K value test, water invasion, water permeability tests are made beyond all traditional products such as outstanding results; Meanwhile, the encapsulated seal is energy-saving and environment-friendly, noise reduction, strong uv resistance, no toxicity, no reaction with any paint or detergent, and meets the requirement of green health theme.