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The Sealing Strip Will Affect The Sound Insulation Effect Of Your Doors And Windows.
Mar 24, 2018

The sealing strip will affect the sound insulation effect of your doors and Windows.

As the key material of the door and window, the sealing strip plays the important role of watertight, airtight and energy saving in the door and window. The performance of sealing tape in various aging environments has a very important influence on the sealing performance of doors and Windows. In the actual use, the quality problem of the sealing tape in the construction of the door and window is mainly used to become brittle, and lose the function of elasticity and sealing. Or, after exposure to sunlight, sticky adhesion to the form and glass phenomenon, polluted the doors and Windows, affected the sealing function and aesthetics of doors and Windows; Or short - time contraction of the stripping off, the loss of sealing performance. These are due to the poor quality of the adhesive resistance to aging, after the sun has long been exposed to the sun, the tape becomes hard after aging, loss of elasticity, easy to fall off. Not only the sealing is poor, but also causes the glass to loosen to produce the safety hidden trouble. The failure of the sealing strip will have a very negative effect on the performance of the window, including reducing the air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation performance of the window. The seal must remain flexible throughout the life cycle of the window and form a whole with the window.