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The Installation Method Of Strong Back Adhesive Sealing Strip Is As Follows
May 30, 2018

The installation method of strong back adhesive sealing strip is as follows:

1. Remove stains, dust and oil stains from the door frame with neutral detergent.

2, choose good paste position, the starting point for paste after will tear protective film to stick at the end of the sealing strip in car door frame such as to determine the location, again in accordance with the installation of the linear synchronous tear protective film, exert oneself to do appropriate pressure paste. In the position of the corner of the door frame, the seal should pay attention to the soft bending of the shape, do not turn the corner too fast to affect the beauty;

3. After all the paste is checked and checked, it is better not to close the door at this time, open the door and wait for 20 minutes or so to close the door, then it is best to wait for 3-5 hours to open the door for normal use;

4. After the paste is finished, it is forbidden to use the hand to pull the seal bar, and it is forbidden to wash the car with water within 3 days, and try not to open and close the door repeatedly within 24 hours;

5. When it is finished, it will be a little tight. Don't worry, it will be normal in the second to third day.

6. Please pay more attention to the door in the 1st to 2nd day. Safety first!

Note: after the installation position is closed, the 3M adhesive tape must be in a positive pressure state so that the background is fully functional. (positive pressure: the pressure direction is perpendicular to the plane of the back glue)