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The Installation And Use Of The Building Doors And Windows S
May 22, 2018

The installation and use of the building doors and Windows shall be sealed with the sealing strip to realize the closed seal between the section and the glass and between the fan and the frame. The sealing tape plays the role of fixing glass, cushioning vibration and blocking the circulation of water and air in the use of doors and Windows. The thermal insulation performance of doors and Windows has a great impact on energy saving and consumption of buildings, and the loss of heat loss of doors and Windows is 5-6 times that of wall heat loss. The energy-saving efficiency of doors and Windows and curtain wall accounts for about 37-40% of building energy efficiency. Therefore, the adhesive strip is a kind of functional accessory that cannot be ignored in the standard of energy-saving of doors and Windows. Its performance and service life should attract our attention.

Currently, due to various reasons, the rubber strip market is uneven. There are also a lot of developers and doors and Windows enterprises, for the reason of low prices in the use of "building doors and Windows sealed tape" standard seal. This problem except strip manufacturers must further improve the importance of energy-saving Windows and doors industry, should also be made in development, supervision and the doors and Windows and so on each link to improve the recognition of sealing strip skills, pay attention to the following aspects when choosing sealing strip, to make doors and Windows sealed general improvement in quality.