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The Importance Of Using Doors And Windows To Seal Tops
Apr 16, 2018

With the application of aluminum alloy doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows more and more widely, the sealing performance of doors and windows is more and more people's attention, and doors and windows sealing tops as the most common, but also very important sealing materials for doors and windows, applications are more and more. Although the top is small, but the role is enormous, the importance of sealing tops of doors and windows how much do you know?

Introduction to the importance of sealing tops of doors and windows

1, prevent rain: Summer Rain more, if the door and window sealing performance is poor, rain will leak in from the window cracks in, the use of doors and windows sealed tops will be effective to prevent the infiltration of rainwater,

2, Dustproof: Many people have such experience, I closed the doors and windows, a period of time is not found in the room or there will be some dust, this is how to do? This is because regardless of aluminum alloy doors and windows or plastic steel doors and windows, after installation in order to maintain the door and window of the push performance, there will be some large or small gaps, the dust is through the kind of cracks into the room. Doors and windows sealed top of the fluff is extremely soft, in improving the sealing performance of doors and windows, not only will not affect the sealing performance of doors and windows, but also to push and pull doors and windows play a very good buffer, can greatly improve the push-pull life of doors and windows.

3, Energy saving: Summer room temperature is high, usually with air-conditioning and other refrigeration equipment to reduce room temperature, if the door and window sealing performance is poor, air-conditioning will be a large number of external leakage, extend the working time of air-conditioning, increase energy consumption.

4, the Sound insulation effect: The sound insulation strip completely differs from the ordinary rubber strip and the wool top. It contains a special sound-absorbing cotton, can effectively absorb the active window part of the leakage of noise! More than ordinary rubber strips and tops more soundproof function, sealing strip durability, no shrinkage, no deformation elasticity. High price/performance ratio.