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The Importance Of The Sealing Tape Of Doors And Windows!
Mar 16, 2018

The importance of the sealing tape of doors and Windows!

Sealing strip is installed on the door window frame, door and glass, happy performance of strip have excellent elasticity function of the doors and Windows profiles, hardware, glass contact tightly together, into a whole, according to the basic principle of isobaric planning of energy saving doors and Windows, sealing pressure effect, thus reach three model) and specification for energy saving of doors, Windows, doors and Windows for progress of air tightness and water tightness, sound insulation function has a crucial role, make truly qualified energy-saving doors and Windows for Windows and doors.

Now replacing traditional sealing strip products have emerged: newly developed a new generation of cladding type sealing strip is made from high resilience PU (polyurethane) foam material, cover PE (polyethylene) film, < with PP (polypropylene) support the skeleton >; High rebound PU foaming material has super-high resilience, less than 10% compression deformation, effectively ensuring the long-term sealing of doors and Windows; The outsourcing of PE film greatly prolongs the service life and rich color selection of the product, which makes the appearance of the product new. PP supports the skeleton to act as a fixed and effective product to prevent the product from contracting. The utility model has: non-toxic environmental protection, noise, long service life, heat preservation and heat insulation, 20 years - 40 ℃ to 90 ℃ of ultra wide environment using range, through the fatigue test of 500000 times, product excellent physical properties in the process of long-term use, keep the doors and Windows sealed performance