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Teach You How To Install Doors And Windows Seal
Feb 21, 2018

Teach you how to install doors and windows seal

1. Decoration, the demolition of the window will destroy the indoor and outdoor wall, it is best to replace the doors and windows, and then the next renovation. Owners should clearly choose what brand of profiles? Profile of the product will determine the grade of windows and doors, sealing and aging issues, buyers should not be the market concept of cheap plastic windows and doors blinded by vague.

2. When buying, we must go to the formal building materials market, roadside stalls its processing equipment simple, accuracy and strength simply can not be guaranteed. Especially steel doors and windows, they made of steel lined steel poor quality, or even lining steel, other parts are also poor.

3. The appearance of steel doors and windows should be blue-white color. The color is too white or gray, indicating that the stability of the composition of the material is not enough, aging easy to aging yellow.

4. Check the hardware is flexible and smooth.

5. Sliding window sash should be the lower part of the aluminum slide, to facilitate its replacement.

6. Flat-window sealant should be free to change, because the seal is shorter than the life of the form.

7. Sliding window sash top seal should be the middle of the fixed film, which is the key to sliding window sealing good or bad.

8. In the installation process, should monitor the horizontal and vertical doors and windows of the correction. The styrofoam should be filled between the window frame and the wall, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicone rubber or sealant to prevent seepage. After installation, you must remove the protective film, otherwise it will reduce the service life of doors and windows.

At the same time the PVC seal and silicone rubber seal, placed at high temperature for a period of time (on the roof or sunny place), PVC seal will become very soft for a short time, seal the surface of the oil precipitation, contaminated with dust, And yellow (oil is easy to soil) oil, hand dirty hands dirty. There is no change in the physical properties of the silicone rubber seal. The pressure cooker sealing ring for household use is silicone rubber, which utilizes the high temperature resistance and non-toxic environmental protection performance of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has no obvious change in physical properties under the working environment of 200 ℃.

9. See the proportion, how many meters per kilogram can. PVC seal traders in the use of bulky hands and feet, some manufacturers in pursuit of greater production, the use of talc, calcium and other things as a filler, which greatly increased the proportion of seal products, which virtually increases but increased The cost, seriously reducing the quality, outweigh the benefits. Add TSP of PVC seal, you hand back and forth several times by hand, the surface will appear a small amount of white powder. Silicone rubber seal application of nano-silica as a reinforcing effect, light texture.