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Special Use Performance Of Aramid Graphite Packing And High Water-based Graphite Packing
Jun 19, 2017

Graphite packing is a unique universal seal packing, why say so? In fact, there is no graphite packing can not seal the product area. And will have a very good use of performance, today we would like to introduce you, we rarely use the Aramid graphite packing and high water-based graphite packing with special performance. Let everyone have a deeper understanding. Aramid Graphite packing has excellent high rotational speed and higher modulus, its strength is three times times as much as that of wire, and weighs five times times lighter than wire. So compared with other types of packing, it can resist the grain crystallization medium and higher temperature can be used alone or with other packing combination, suitable for the easy to wear medium containing solid particles, recommended for use in superheated steam, solvents, liquefied steam, syrup and other easy grinding fluids. The pump system is a good substitute for asbestos. High-water-based graphite packing is made from high quality ramie fiber, inner and outer graphite, and full infiltration of special lubricating oil. The outstanding advantage is that the friction coefficient is very low, no grinding shaft, anti-corrosion. Can be used in the shipbuilding industry, cold water treatment, seawater and cold oil, low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pump fluid presses, ship propellers and other equipment. Recommended for use in general dynamic seals, low-pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pumps.