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Seal Wool Top Form In Addition To The Fixed Role Of Plastic Film
May 26, 2018

Seal wool top form in addition to the fixed role of plastic film, sealing effect of plush nap is essentially a woven fabric, the villi with v-shaped weave structure formation, each V along the meridional and white hair plexus has certain gap, the gap is reflected in the push-pull window along the top of the door and the side, can't stop the rain infiltration. 

When welding on plastic piece of wool top zonal namely shielding effect, it is precisely that shielding on the use of the plastic window, air, water, not less, plus hairs erect effect after enhancement, fluffy top closer combination with the box, and this improves the sealing performance. General speaking, and overcome the disadvantages of woven wool exist gaps, and only ultrasonic nondestructive technique makes it bring out the best in each other, the essence of high acoustic is of material between the homogenous molecular fusion welding, which can overcome the traditional way of electric heating aging glue phenomenon. 

Select the multi-point lock system with good lockdown to ensure that the door is deformed and synchronized with the fan and frame under the action of wind pressure, effectively ensuring the reasonable cooperation of sealing materials. 

Sliding door window due to structure, two when closing casement is not in the same plane, and between the casement and there is no seal pressure around, just rely on overlapping lap tops, raw materials selection, product innovation, the machine production, professional and technical personnel meet the requirements of high standard and high standards of production, diagonal error is not more than 2 mm, with a full range of wool top sealing design of form a complete set, made the wardrobe sealing better, don't make hygiene in 6 month.