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Screen Window Magnetic Stripe
May 04, 2018

The application effect of screen window magnetic stripe in the market.

In many cities and industrial houses, invisible screen window magnetic strip manufacturers, screen window is a modern living and production space necessary materials equipment. And many of the current window screens are accompanied by people's flexibility and frequent operation, often have more requirements. A lot of screen window magnetic stripe is applied in the screen window, liaoning invisible gauze window magnetic strip, people can achieve better adjustment and application through the closure of screen window and opening and closing.

Window screen magnetic strip on the market is through a lot of batch production, invisible screen window magnetic strip, through for the whole piece of tile cutting and division, the final production sizes each different, form different products. In practical operation practice, people tend to install the unified magnetic stripe brick through a fixed way in the screen window to realize the independent control and application of the sand window.

Relative to the many other screen window, because this kind of product is very cheap, invisible screen window magnetic strip factory direct sale, and the scope of application is broad, in the process of and use has the very good sealing effect, for the life that occupy the home to be convenient for you, however, so more and more by the welcome of people.