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Rubber Weather Stripping Door Adhesive Door Seal
May 17, 2018

In the 1980s, door and window seals were introduced into China. It has brought great convenience to people's life. Sealing strip production process are got rapid development, in the long-term accumulation, sealing strip has been applied to various industries such as cars, doors and Windows, household appliances, and according to the different requirements of various industries for its composition and production process is also each are not identical. The development of various industries has driven the seal and provided the necessary materials for the development of various related industries. The development history of the sealing strip is closely related to the development of the door and window industry, and the renewal and replacement of the two are maintaining a nearly uniform rhythm, which is the same as development and progress. As early as the 90 s, our country a wide range of aluminum alloy doors and Windows popularity brings sealing strip natural era, this kind of strip manufacturing cost is low, not only make the start of the threshold is low, but because of the natural rubber strip with longer duration of use, all kinds of fracture, harden etc.

The country then announced a ban on steel doors and Windows, and the natural rubber seal has faded out of the market. Since then, countries began to promote the use of PVC material sealing strip, in use process, in the early PVC sealing strip do play a very high market value, but then again, untight seal and caused by mode of production of small workshops of low price competition makes more and more bad products into the market, the development of malignant blocking the PVC seal continued development path.

With the technology of door and window sealing strip and the progress of making materials, more and more seal products are born. The foam sealing strip of foam seal is one of them. Compared with our manufacturer of rubber sealing strip, its advantage is very obvious, the first is on the seal, the sealing strip has the advantages of soft and elastic effect is good, so can be done for the processing of detail on the seal. Also, the foam sealing strips are lighter in texture and stable in chemical properties, so they are suitable for sealing anywhere. The price of foam seal is not fixed for the foam seal strip, because its development is not mature, so it needs to be further improved in both the technical and the market.