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Feb 23, 2018


a. When installing windows and doors, we must carry out the installation according to the order of construction. In the installation, we must check and adjust the installation quality at any time.

b. For its window frame and window hole position, we must give it a center line. When the window frame is installed in the hole, align with the center line and fix it. Then carefully adjust the verticality, horizontalness and straightness of the window frame Angle, the error should be within the allowable deviation.

c. For doors and windows, it is in the box before we check under its diagonal and flatness, whether it is within the allowable deviation. After entering the box with steel ruler, feeler check box overlap lap width, the surrounding gap until meet the requirements.

d. For some of its hardware accessories, etc., we must also be properly installed, if there is wear and tear must be promptly replaced.

e. Usually we are in use, do not hang heavy objects in the doors and windows, or easily lead to deformation of doors and windows. And when we open and close, we should lightly open the light off, so as to extend its service life.