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Precautions For Installation
Aug 04, 2018

Precautions for installation:

The door window sealing strip is an important component in the door and window system, it plays the role of sound insulation, weather proof, heat preservation, protect window and so on.

About PYKNA Precautions for installation

Because the sealing strip long period exposed in the air, affected by the long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, wind and rain, and climate, the passage of time will produce the phenomenon such as aging, deformation, fall off, fracture, a lot of doors and Windows sealing strip in the process of installation, to tight rubber strip mesh with doors and Windows, often can pull rubber strip is very tight is very tight, can't guarantee a free state of sealing strip, this will speed up the process of aging speed sealing strip, there will be a sealing strip fall off, the phenomenon such as tensile, fracture.

Tight seals in the process of installation, therefore, should as far as possible at the time of installation of rubber strip, make the rubber strip more than the length of the doors and Windows assembly side, cant break, in the corner with adhesive glue is firm, have enough margin expansion.