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Polyurethane PU Foam Sealing Strip Equipment Requirements
Feb 11, 2018

Polyurethane PU foam sealing strip equipment requirements

1. Accurate measurement: There are two main requirements, precision error should be controlled within ± 1%

(1) The matching accuracy, to ensure uniform polyurethane foam PU foam seal, in the whole pouring process A, B plastic mixing ratio should remain basically unchanged, that is, the instantaneous ratio and the average ratio of the same;

(2) spit accuracy, because the operation is to be the reaction of the foam material poured into the plane or groove free foaming made, if the unit of time the total discharge change will lead to changes in the volume or thickness of the seal Defective or scrap

2. Mixing evenly: Two-component sealing strip Styrofoam can be poured into qualified polyurethane PU foam sealing strip after it is evenly mixed in the pouring head to ensure consistent property of the whole strip (when the sealing strip is cut, the bubbles in the cross-section Hole should be uniform);

3. Thermostat control: the temperature of the raw material directly affects the fluidity of the glue and the speed of the reaction. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the normal production of the polyurethane PU foam sealing strip and ensure the yield of the polyurethane without the influence of external environment.

4. To go precisely: according to the size and thickness of the casting requirements, by controlling the pouring head horizontal, vertical, circular arc trajectory to carry out quantitative, constant speed casting, so that the size, shape, thickness and physical properties can meet the requirements .


Division I in the PU foam sealing industry advantages

1.Professional: The first-class R & D team in the Mainland is one of the famous research and production enterprises of PU foam sealing tape in China. Because of its familiarity with the performance, characteristics and process of polyurethane PU foam sealing, Customer's production process to provide timely and accurate advice and cooperation;

2. Cost-effective: Compared with imported equipment, our polyurethane PU foam sealing adhesive machine has great advantages in terms of price and after-sales service.

3. One-stop service: Division I can provide customers a full set of one-stop solution.

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