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On The Top Of Doors And Windows
Feb 21, 2018

Plastic doors and windows with its good sealing in recent years, the rapid occupation of the market, and become the country's focus on the promotion of building materials products, its excellent sealing and sealing strip of credit is inseparable. Doors and windows to move, the doors and windows on both sides and the bottom must leave gaps, only in this way can easily open and close. However, these voids also make noise, dust, and the impact of indoor thermal insulation, the formation of energy waste, in general, through the door and window gap heat dissipation is usually about 12% of the total heat loss of the building. As a result, good sealing on the door and window quality of the impact is very large, and the main sealing role of the sealing top is particularly critical, its quality directly determines the quality of doors and windows.

Domestic now commonly used sealing tops by different processing methods, sealing strips can be divided into two types of silica and non-silica, GB gb12002-89 for plastic doors and windows with sealing strip made a more detailed quality standards. Silica seal is used in the silicone oil treated polypropylene fiber manufacturing, after the silicone oil treatment of the sealing strip can significantly improve the waterproof performance of doors and windows, while anti-aging, flexibility, lodging resistance has been significantly improved. In the industry standard jc/t635-1995, it is clearly suggested that the sealing strip must undergo the process of silica.

The root of the sealing strip is a plastic bottom plate, its anti-aging, low-temperature brittleness also need suitable formula and high-quality raw materials to ensure that, otherwise it will directly affect the life of the sealing strip. If the two sides are added on the bottom plate to make the sealing strip not easy to side down, it can improve the seal performance of the sealing strip, prolong its service life, and reduce the card lag phenomenon of the seal and the sealing strip groove in the assembly process.

The structure of the sealing strip can be divided into ordinary and intermediate sandwich type. The latter is based on the former, in the middle of the seal of the hair to add a polyethylene film or silica non-woven cloth to completely isolate the air flow between the sealing gap, so the middle sandwich sealing strip sealing performance than the ordinary sealing strip more than 5 times times. The air permeability of the doors and windows made with it can meet the highest national standard.

As the plastic doors and windows are welded as a whole, the sealing strip can not be replaced after damage, so the service life of the sealing strip directly affects the overall life of the doors and windows. From the above analysis, you can see that the silica interlayer and the two sides of the seal of the wings of its sealing performance, service life is far superior to low-grade sealing strips (low-grade sealing strip service life of 3-5 years, high-grade sealing strip service life of 20-30 years), but its price is higher than low-grade sealing strip ( Low-grade sealing strip price at 0.16 yuan/about, and high quality sealing strip price at 0.8 yuan/m). Although the sealing strip accounted for only 2% of the cost of the plastic window, but because of the fierce competition in the plastic window industry, 90% of the domestic enterprises are not using high-quality seals, the current domestic doors and windows sealing materials market, plastic PVC material sealing strip occupancy of 90%, And by the industry departments recommended the use of highly modified polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic elastomer sealing strip market share is extremely low.

In addition to price factors, the quality of domestic sealing strip is not high, the phenomenon of a small number of plastic door and window manufacturers to choose a smaller range, to use high quality sealing strip, only the choice of higher prices of foreign products. Although the domestic production of door and window sealing rubber strips Many manufacturers, and really to a certain scale of professional manufacturers are few, doors and windows sealing strip market has been most of the workshop-type manufacturers occupy, low degree of automation. Most domestic manufacturers do not fundamentally put the seal as their own pillar products to see, brand awareness is weak, which reflects the plastic industry to a certain extent, the lack of attention to seal industry.

These make the type of domestic sealing strip and processing technology lags far behind the foreign counterparts. Some special properties such as color, transparent sealing strip products in the market is difficult to find a trace, this and plastic doors and windows enterprises to seal the function does not pay attention to have a direct relationship. Due to the lack of attention to the door and window accessories, our country in the plastic doors and windows manufacturing process development also lag behind the foreign counterparts, such as now in foreign more popular sealing strip and profile coextrusion technology in China's plastic doors and windows enterprises are still rare.

Plastic doors and windows in China's development potential is obvious to all, so the demand for its accessories will continue to grow. But at present, the domestic enterprises seem to focus all on the plastic window market, while ignoring the plastic window seals and other ancillary products. With China's accession to the WTO, foreign seal products will flood into the country, once the majority of domestic market, then we want to occupy is very difficult. Therefore, the domestic need for a batch of sealing adhesive material development, section design, mold development, high degree of automation in one of the professional seal manufacturers to meet the challenges of the future.