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Oil Agent And Antistatic Agent Used In Pile Weather Strip
Jan 07, 2018

About and some of the main problems of the oil, here is only to talk about the use of the common oil and antistatic agent requirements and dosage and so on.

The moisture regain of pure wool fiber is large, the ratio of resistance is small, and if the amount of oil is adjusted properly, the electrostatic phenomenon in production is not outstanding. However, in the pure spinning and blending of synthetic fibers, because of the poor hygroscopicity and conductivity of synthetic fibers, it is more serious to open electricity in textile production.

Fiber in the textile processing, often subjected to two kinds of friction: one is the friction between the fibers;-the friction between the fiber and the processing parts (steel pins, roller roller, etc.). In this way, the phenomenon of electric charge occurs on the fiber and the mechanical parts. The emergence of static electricity to textile processing caused a series of difficulties. With electricity repulsion, fiber diffusion, holding force difference, resulting in the wool machine hair mesh rupture, into a piece of leisure, flying hair falling hair increased. The heterogeneous suction can make the fiber adsorbed on the mechanical parts, causing the winding roller, around the roller, increasing the size of the particles, breaking the crucible, the serious can cause the production interruption and accident. To this end, the chemical fiber factory in the production process, often add anti-static oil, but because of long-term storage, its anti-static performance gradually decline, in which the degree of nylon is larger, less polyester, it is necessary to add anti-static oil in the production of wool.

In the process of spinning, the amount of static charge generated by friction is determined by the surface condition (roughness) of the fiber section, hygroscopicity and the friction conditions of the two objects (speed, force size, etc.). At the same time it is very much related to the humidity of air. The use of the same antistatic agent, such as the ambient air humidity, the anti-static effect is better, because the air is humid, the resulting static charge easy to disperse.

In the top manufacturing workshop, the method of eliminating static electricity, in addition to ensure that the workshop temperature and humidity requirements, in high-speed gilling on the use of electrostatic eliminator and the open elimination roll and other devices. The most common is to add the resistance to the oil and gas-earning agent.

Antistatic oil agent is surfactants, and has the dual characteristics of hygroscopicity and conductivity. After the  electric agent is added to the fiber, the directional adsorption film can be formed on the interface between air and fiber. Its hydrophilic base in the air, with water in the air, the fiber surface to retain a layer of moisture, thereby increasing the fiber's absorption and conductivity, reduce the accumulation of static charges, and antistatic oil agent can make the fiber soft and smooth, The friction coefficient between fibers can be adjusted.