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Main Characteristics Of Sealing Strip
Jun 19, 2017

1. Modified PVC Rubber Strip: The price is relatively low, because the quality is different, the price generally in 6000 yuan 15000 yuan/ton between. Low-end products due to the use of waste, substitute plasticizers and high filling volume, to make the rubber strip elasticity, easy to send hard, have nose taste, easy to transfer the frame material yellowing, short service life. A handful of door and window companies that compete at lower prices are still in use. Middle and high-end PVC strips can meet the standard indicators, the service life is relatively long. Because PVC products contain halogen, stabilizer containing heavy metals, it is not conducive to environmental protection, so foreign developed countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities have been eliminated or restricted the use of PVC rubber strips. [1] 2. Thermoplastic EPDM rubber Sealing strip: The sealing strip is a new material developed in recent years from foreign technology and domestic independent research and development, which is mainly used for sealing strip of automobile doors and windows, and has been used for building doors and windows in recent years. 3. EPDM rubber Seal: In the sealing elastic durability than PVC rubber strip has a great strengthening, but because of the need for microwave curing line stereotypes, processing energy consumption is high, usually PVC processing more than 20 times times, the product can not be used, not environmentally friendly, is not advocated by the State products. In addition, this type of product material proportion (more than 1.4) and PVC equivalent (low-end vulcanization EPDM plastic section of the larger proportion) window rate and PVC rubber strip, the use of relatively high cost, windows and doors enterprises are difficult to accept.