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Is It Ok To Pack The Window With A Seal
Apr 07, 2018

1, glass mat and seam allowance strip after cleaning the window frame and window sash when welding according to clockwise direction with the roller will check the mouth with a little hard to strip profile notches on, at the same time will strip head down so far outweighed embedded profiles within the slot.

2. Put the glass bar into the groove at the tip of the tape by the correct manual method, and then press the adhesive strip to the surface. Press the tape into the gap between the glass and the section. The tape of the two ends is retracted in the middle, allowing 1-2 cm length to be cut and pressed into the slot.

3. Clean the Windows of the sealing strip with a clean cloth; After tearing the protective paper of the sealing strip, aim at the position that needs to be pasted. Position the alignment lightly; Gently press the seal with your finger to tighten the glue and the window. Finally check if the seal is tight.

4. When installing the window sealing strip, pay attention to the neatness of the whole operation surface, and press it into the groove when sealing the tape. It is necessary to pay attention to its aesthetics and practicability for the installation of the rear window sealing tape, so as to ensure that it can be used longer and more firmly in the future use.

Precautions for installation of window seals;

1. When installing the sealing strip of the window, pay attention to cleaning the impurities in the tank to ensure the quality of the installation; The window seal should not be too tight, ensure that the glass is evenly spaced, timely correct, prevent collision shift, deviation from the center of the slot, and affect the installation of the window seal strip.

2. When installing the window seal, pay attention to the size of the wool bar, and ensure its moderate size, not too large or too small. With fixed glass sealing strip, had better use rubber strip out of the glass, the space set aside note glue, note the depth of the glue is not less than 5 mm, best before glue curing, unfavorable mobile glass, maintain stability of the glass.

3, pay special attention to, because the strip elastic, after rolling, retraction, may occur in this problem, the ends shall be installed at the outlet, the strip into the middle of retraction, and leave 2-3 cm shrinkage allowance, then cut embedded within the slot.