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Installation Process Of Pile Weather Strip
Feb 10, 2018

Installation process

     Cable release → top of the installation box limit slot → mounting wood trim with metal finishes → vertical frame installation → glass installation → upper and lower door clamps of glass door leaf → positioning of door leaf installation → installation of glass door handle.

Positioning, pay-off: The combination of fixed glass and movable glass door in the glass door, unified positioning of the pay-off.

    Installation frame top limit slot: limit slot width should be greater than the glass thickness of 2-4mm, groove depth of 10-20mm.

    Installation of metal veneer wood bottom support: First square wood fixed to the ground, and then use the universal adhesive metal veneer glued to wood, square wood can be directly nailed to the embedded wood tiles, or through the expansion bolt connection The method is fixed.

    Install vertical door frame: Then hit the center line nail frame door square wood, and then use plywood to determine the shape and location of the door frame column.

    Install the glass: Tighten the thick glass with a glass suction cup and lift the thick glass by 2 people and move to the installation position.

    Fixed glass door up and down door clamp: set the door height, thick glass and metal on both sides of the upper and lower inside the gap, while inserting small pieces, tapping solid, and then in the small wood, thick glass, between the folder Gap into the glass glue.

    Door positioning installation can be the first door frame beams with its own adjustment screw adjustment beam out of the beam plane 2mm; and then the glass door upright, the door leaf door hinge pin hole in the rotation of the spring alignment And then turn the door leaf to insert the hole into the pin. After the door is turned 900 to make a right angle with the cross beam of the door frame, the hole of the rotating connection in the door leaf door clamp is aligned with the position on the cross beam of the door frame to adjust the position Pin adjustment screw, the pin will be inserted into the hole about 15mm.

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