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Installation And Maintenance Method Of Top Of Doors And Windows
Feb 17, 2018

Door and window seals are divided into glass sealing strips and tops two kinds. Sealing strip is generally used in the door casement, layering and doors and windows have special sealing tape groove, the main role is through the layering and inside the fan has to wear a sealing strip, so that the glass and frame fan more closely, so as to ensure the tightness of the doors and windows. Sealing strip of the installation site should be flat, not curly, not tensile, the joint should be less than 1mm, sealing strip model should be matched, over the General Assembly so that the layering pressure, too small will make the seal strip easy to fall off, glass and fan body is not close, there will be gaps. The sealant strip should be non-toxic. Tasteless environmental protection special sealing strip.

The mounting parts of the tops are generally on the door casement, the frame fan is four weeks or the seal bridge (the windshield block), enhances the box and the fan between the seal. Top specifications too large or too high, not only difficult to assemble, but also to increase the door and window movement resistance, especially open the initial resistance and close to the position of resistance larger. The specification is too small, the height of vertical tops is not easy to get out of the groove, so that the sealing performance of (door) window is greatly reduced. Top need to be processed by silicon, the quality of the top appearance of the surface is flat, bottom slab and vertical hair smooth. No bending, no pitting on the bottom slab. Bubble。 The vertical wool and bottom slab bond firmly, the density uniformity, is not easy to lose the hair.

Good doors and windows can not be separated from the production and installation, production standards or not is a high standard of windows and doors necessary. Production equipment and processes determine whether the overall performance of doors and Windows is excellent. According to the requirements, plastic steel door and window diagonal difference should be controlled in 2-3 mm, there are strict process parameters and control range, which requires a certain production equipment and technology to ensure that the quality of the staff team. So the street workshop and regular manufacturers of plastic steel doors and windows is simply a day lang. Three-point production, seven-point installation, if you do not pay attention to installation standards can result in deformation of doors and windows. The thermal coefficient of plastic steel is almost 6 times times that of the first. So between the window frame and the wall must leave the expansion joint, in order to prevent the expansion and contraction of the house slightly settlement, so that the doors and windows deformation. At the same time, to ensure waterproof. Insulation。 Sound insulation performance, must be filled with elastic materials for expansion joints, and then sealed with sealant. These materials price is high, the quality difference is very big, installs should prevent Jerry-made and shoddy.