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How To Use The Sealing Strip For Doors And Windows
Oct 25, 2017

When the doors and windows of home decoration, sealing strip is one of the indispensable important accessories. Sealing strip for door and window is generally divided into three types: strip and top glass sealants, sealing doors and windows. After the sealing strip is installed on the doors and windows, it will have good sealing and water tightness.

1. seal series type varieties, different seal scope are not the same, so the seal type in the selection of windows, must correspond to their doors and windows, doors and windows so as to make more rigorous. Pay attention to the choice of sealing strip, choose non-toxic environmentally friendly sealing strip.

2. top is generally installed around the doors and windows fan and frame fan, good quality top surface straight, not bending, vertical hair smooth uniform, not hair off. The specification of the sealing strip should be matched, too small to make the sealant strip off, will affect the tightness of glass and fan body. Too large to assemble difficult, but also make the door and window moving resistance becomes larger, inconvenience.

3. doors and windows and battens have special sealing strip groove, install the seal, to carefully remove the notch debris, to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, the installation part must be flat, don't stretch, not curled, joints should be less than 1MM.

When the sealing strips are installed in 4. doors and windows and frame fans, the rubber strips are pushed slowly by the special rollers in proper directions, and the rubber strips are extruded downwards so as to be embedded in the notches. In order to prevent the elastic retraction caused by rolling, the rubber strip should be retracted back to the middle at the end of the installation, and the length of the remaining point should be cut and then the embedded notch will be cut.

5. already well done doors and windows, how to install sealing strip? Top can buy the kind of stick directly, in the corner of the doors and windows with tools to shovel the tops of the grooves on both sides of a small cut of about 1CM, can be seen directly into the groove, this operation is a bit of trouble.

6. sealing strip is generally used for doors and windows, through the layering and inner fan sealing strip, so that the glass and frame fan closer, forming good waterproof, sealing effect. There are also dust, pest control, sound insulation and other functions. Users must choose good quality sealing strip, so as to achieve high temperature resistance, anti-aging, long service life effect.

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