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How To Replace Weather Stripping
Sep 05, 2017

     Now almost all window and door have the weather stripping to action in dust-proof ,insect-proof,sound-proof,window-proof and energy-saving.While after long service time ,the weather stripping will damage,so the function not goods as new one,so we need to replace it.

So how we replace the weather stripping,the follow steps will help you know better how to do :

1.Firstly need pull the old weather stripping down:for aluminum profile maybe little difficult ,need cut a small rabbet in one end of the profile to let you can pull the old one out;for sliding door and weather you can just directly pull the old ones off.

 2.Secondly,clean the aluminium profile rabbet or sliding door and window sticking place profile surface to ensure not have any other dirty to effect the install of weather stripping.

 3.Thirdly,to insert into or stick the new one:

     1) For aluminium door and window profile ,normal use insert series weather stripping ,so you can insert the new weather stripping from the small rabbet you cut when you pull old one out;

     2)For sliding door and window,normal we choose adhesive series (which glue in base back),you can just stick the weather stripping in the sliding door and window profile and press it ,also not pull or touch it within 24 hours to ensure stick well.

 That is the 3 steps for replacing the weather stripping,if so easy than you thinking?And if you think big roll too much,you also can choose the DIY product as your need.


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