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How To Change The Sealing Tops Of Doors And Windows?
Apr 04, 2018

Specific replacement installation steps:

(a) first with a screwdriver will push and pull the doors and windows to remove the protective lock

(ii) Take a large screwdriver to pull the door and window side of the relief of the demolition

(c) or take the screwdriver and remove the windshield from the upper window frame and the bottom frame groove

(iv) The body stand firm, both hands clenched in the middle of the doors and windows, forced upward, then the door and window fan is generally removed. This is the inside door and window fan, and the outside side of the door and window fans to be in the same order and method of demolition.

(v) to remove the door and window fan to the side of the stability, a door and window are equipped with sealed tops, with a little bit of a small screwdriver will be the original aging damaged tops removed,

(vi) "sealing tops" should be installed before the installation of sealing top parts of the groove to clean work, to avoid the installation of sealed tops will be dust and other pollutants to hide and pollute the profile.

(vii) Select the seal top specification and height of the vertical to match the profile, after assembling the wool top of the relative surface compression of 5%-10% is appropriate, the size of too large or vertical hair too high, not only difficult to assemble, but also to increase the door and window movement resistance, specifications too small or vertical hair height is not easy to remove the groove outside, so that the door and window sealing performance greatly In order to ensure the long-term effect of sealing the doors and windows, please try to buy and use energy-saving silicone add a piece of top, (Li-long energy-saving silicone add piece top) its sealing effect is 2-3 times the average wool.

(eight) the use of professional tools (special Feeler) and professional technology, in the unchanged, do not destroy the original door and window structure on the basis of the selection of a good seal of the top of the full section of the groove.

(ix) Check whether the installation of the seal top is firm, with the hand nap to see if it can be out of the pit, the final need to emphasize is the top stitching must be cut together to ensure the sealing effect of the results.

(10) The replacement of aging damaged windproof block, windproof block cost small (good quality 5-6 hair/block) sealing the role of large, Beijing ordinary residential plastic steel doors and windows are generally used 80*37*12 specifications, there are a small number of 80*33*12 specifications, each windproof block on four slots, Each slot must be installed energy-saving silicone add-type tops, so as to ensure the final seal effect.

(11) will install the top of the door and window fan in accordance with the demolition of the exact opposite order installation can be, the last installed wind.

(12) only high-quality sealing tops + Professional installation skills will have a good sealing effect.