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Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping
May 07, 2018

How to install door window rubber seal?

1. When decoration, because the window opening process will destroy the indoor and outdoor walls, the doors and Windows should be replaced first, then the next step of decoration. The owner should specify which brand profile to choose. The product of profile will decide the class of whole door window, sealing sex and ageing wait for a problem, the person that buy a house does not want to be blinded by the price of cheap model steel door window in the market.

2. When shopping, be sure to go to the formal building materials market, and the roadside small stall has simple processing equipment, and the accuracy and strength are not guaranteed. In particular, plastic steel doors and Windows, they make steel doors and Windows lining steel quality inferior, even without lining steel, other accessories are also very poor.

3. The appearance color of window of model steel should be blue and white. The color is white or grey, indicating that the stable ingredient in the material is not enough, and the aging is easy to be aged and yellow.

4. Check whether the hardware is flexible and smooth.

5. The lower part of the sliding window frame should be aluminum slide to facilitate its replacement.

6. The sealing tape of the flat window should be free to be replaced, because the sealing strip is shorter than the life of the form.

7. There should be a fixed film in the middle of the sealing strip of the sliding window, which is the key to the sealing quality of the push-pull window.

8. In the installation process, the horizontal and vertical direction of the doors and Windows should be monitored.