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Felt Weatherstripping
Jun 02, 2018

Felt Weatherstripping

ADHESIVE PILE WEATHER STRIPPING—Soundproofing, windproof, dust proof, weatherproof and insect resistance. Non-toxic and environmental protection material, good for family use


WEATHER STRIP DOOR SEAL—Strong adhesive backing, waterproof and non-degumming, stick firmly, suitable for all kinds of glass, wood, metal, ceramic tile and etc

WINDOW SEAL AND DOOR SWEEP—High tolerance, can be warped without distortion, durable and flexible


DOOR FOAM WARDROBE SEAL—High density felt, soft and no harm to your hand. Fine and closely woven, less lint, can stand wear and tear

EASY INSTALLATION-Bring warm in winter and keep cool in summer, Widely used for sliding doors, windows, armoires etc.