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Features Of Doors And Windows
Feb 21, 2018

Door and Window Seal Classification Steel door and window seal, aluminum door and window seal, wooden door seal, refrigerator door seal, grain warehouse door seal, flame retardant door and window seal, glass seal, automatic revolving door seal, building door seal , Curtain wall seal and so on.

Features of doors and windows seal Plastic doors and windows seal is widely used in recent years, a new generation of windows and doors, it is more common seal of doors and windows have better corrosion resistance, weatherability, noise insulation. Plastic doors and windows seal smooth surface, not only has excellent sealing waterproof performance, but also plays a beautiful decorative role. In the material selection, the higher the general requirements of manufacturers are using EPDM rubber or EPDM rubber.

EPDM (epdm) products, the main performance: non-toxic products, environmental protection, anti-aging high temperature, stable performance, summer and winter can maintain good performance.

1, the steel skeleton of three complex, not easy to deformation shrinkage, assembly firm, good sealing;

2, doors, windows, walls with seals, the product has good flexibility, resistance to migration, can effectively block the noise, dust, wind and rain.