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Door And Window Sealant Types
May 25, 2018

There are two kinds of sealing strips for doors and windows. One is the U-shaped and K-shaped sealing strips used to install glass. To make it tighter to the glass, to increase the contact area, to prevent rain, this type of sealing strip is often used. Designed to be serrated. The other type is a sealing strip for the frame fan, usually a hollow sealing strip, which is a type 0 sealing strip. Sliding window frame fan seals, usually nylon tops.

    Sealing tops have silicified and non-siliconized tops. The siliconized tops are made of polypropylene fibers treated with silicone oil, which significantly changes the waterproof properties of the tops. At the same time, its flexibility and anti-aging properties are significantly improved. Silica-free tops, when watered, are sticky and lose sealability.

     There is still a more ideal seal top, which is a layer of polyethylene film or silicified nonwoven in the middle of the top to block the air flow between the tops of the gap, its sealing performance is much higher than the general top, just because its price is slightly higher , Door and window manufacturers failed to choose. Tops have a very low proportion of the cost of materials for doors and windows, reducing the extremely limited costs, sacrificing the quality of the products and the credibility of the company is not worth the candle.

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