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Door And Window Seal Pu
Feb 26, 2018

In the construction of doors and windows seal material selection process must be realistic, in considering the cost factors, we must take into account the use of materials and working conditions of the environment. Under normal circumstances, high temperature rubber seals can be used, except for natural rubber seal; cold zone optional cold seal, such as EPDM, silicone rubber seal or EPDM, silicone rubber and resin were Mixed materials made of seals, etc .; strong ultraviolet radiation can be used in areas with good aging resistance seal, such as neoprene seals, EPDM seals, silicone rubber seals and polyurethane rubber seals, etc. ; Coastal areas can choose good chemical resistant seal, such as neoprene seal, EPDM seal, etc .; middle and high-rise building doors and windows can choose a good overall performance seal, such as neoprene seal, EPDM seals, silicone rubber seals and these rubber and plastic materials made of seals and so on. Seismic areas, near the railway or with high-power crane plant windows and doors can be selected with a high damping damping polyurethane rubber seals or sponge rubber seal; with sliding sash or door on the windows and doors can be used on the choice of resistance Grinding, lubricating a good seal, such as surface flocking or coating seal.