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Causes Of Defects In Pile Weather Strip Production And The Countermeasures
Jan 07, 2018

Causes of defects in Pile Weather Strip production and the countermeasures

1. Too much chip

(1) Cause: Before carbonization, the wool is poor, the amount of hair is too high, the acid concentration is too low, the acid is bad, the baking temperature or the pressure of carbon is insufficient, the dust removal effect is bad.

(2) Solution: Strengthen the open pine, adjust the amount of feed, raise Grosvenor and keep acid concentration, adjust baking temperature and pressure roll, improve the efficiency of dust removal.

2. Acid-containing rate of

(1) Causes: Wash acid trough wash liquid circulation disadvantage, medium and trough lye concentration is insufficient, impregnation time is too short.

(2) Solution: Increase the circulating volume of wash acid bath, increase and maintain the concentration of medium and trough lye, adjust the immersion time, improve neutralization degree.

3. Wool Felt and

(1) Causes: The drying of the feeding machine before the turn over the ship, dust machine in excess of wool, dust remover.

(2) Solution: Adjust the feeding singeing to rake the distance, check and adjust the process parameters of the dedusting machine to the normal state.

4. The resurgence does not meet the requirements

(1) Causes: The pressure of the state of poor, drying feed people too large or feed, people uneven, drying temperature is too low, drying time is short, circulation air volume is insufficient.

(2) Measures: Check and adjust the roll state, to ensure that the water content after rolling to meet the requirements, the control of drying feeding volume and thickness and uniformity of the coating, check and adjust the speed of the hair curtain, improve drying temperature and circulating air volume.