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Brief Introduction Of Carding Organization Used In The Production Of Pile Weather Strip Manufacturers
Jan 07, 2018

The key of carding mechanism is the structure of circular comb. France PB-28 type combing machine using two needle plate, the front comb needle (equivalent to the b311c comb machine round comb the first nine row needle) The metal needle cloth and the solitary base is sticky, the needle cloth tooth shape smoothness is very high, may reduce the fiber deep human needle tooth friction resistance, creates the condition for increases the human quantity. The back comb needle also uses the binder and the metal sheet to stick firmly, inserts the person to have the shoulder the needle board, uses the screw to fasten in the circular comb seat, the structure is reasonable, the use is convenient. Japan-made combed machine round comb also adopts embedded needle board, each needle row base has two rows or four rows of needles, so can increase the density of needles. The comb needle has certain angle, the smoothness is very high, not only can strengthen the carding function, and the comb needle's service life is longer.

In order to remove the short fibers and grease in the root of the comb, the PB-28 combing machine is provided with a shovel-board from inside to the center of the circular comb, which is used to remove the fouling in order to keep the comb clean. In order for the comb to comb through the wool layer in the case of large feeding, the front end of the round comb is provided with a capillary plate, which can make the fiber front end better to press the human needle seam.