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Basic Introduction Garage Door Rubber Seal
Feb 10, 2018

Basic introduction

Since the 1980s, Rubber Seal Strip has been applied to various industries such as automobiles, windows and doors, cabinets, refrigerators and containers. According to the requirements of different industries, we have developed unique car seals, mechanical seals, doors and windows Seals and other products.

Fold the main features

1. Modified PVC tape

The price is relatively low, due to different quality advantages and disadvantages, the price is generally 6000 yuan 15000 yuan / ton. Low-end products as a result of the use of waste, alternative plasticizers and high loading, so that poor flexibility of the strip, easy-to-hard, assassinated nose flavor, easy to migrate to frame yellow, short life. A small number of low-level price competition in the windows and doors are still in use. Medium and high-end PVC tape can reach the standard indicators, the service life is relatively longer.

PVC products containing halogen, stabilizer containing heavy metals, it is not conducive to environmental protection, so the developed countries and domestic cities in Beijing and coastal areas have eliminated or restricted the use of PVC tape.

2. Thermoplastic EPDM seal

The seal is a new material developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology and domestic independent research and development in recent years, mainly used in automobile door and window seal, in recent years began to be used for building door and window seal. Its outstanding advantages are:

① performance and service life of vulcanized EPDM rubber seal.

② processing energy consumption relative to vulcanized EPDM strip low (with PVC equivalent).

③ Halogen-free and lead and other heavy metals, plus a few years after recycling, in line with the requirements of green building materials.

④ small proportion (only 0.9-0.95) out of the window high. Looks high purchase price, the actual use of low cost.

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