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Application Requirements And Functions Of Sealing Strips
Apr 07, 2018

The sealing tops of doors and windows play a key role in air tightness, water tightness and energy saving in windows and doors.

Requirements and functions of sealing strip;

1, it must have sufficient tensile strength and good elasticity, but also good anti-aging and temperature resistance, cross-section of the size of the structure and door and window profiles to match.

2, the use of seals are divided into glass seals (glue) and top two types of glass and fan and box between the sealing tops are mainly used for the box and fan between the seal.

Seal top: The installation part of the top is generally on the fan of the window (door), the surrounded of the box fan or the seal bridge (the file wind block), enhances the seal between the frame and the fan.

The top specification is an important factor affecting the push-pull doors and windows and the water tightness, as well as the influence of door and window switching force. Top specifications too large or too high, not only difficult to assemble, but also to increase the door and window movement resistance, especially when the initial resistance and closing when the final position resistance is greater. Specifications too small, or the height of vertical tops, easy to get out of the groove, so that the door and window sealing performance greatly reduced.